Lower the cost of telephony and move toward the latest technologies, as and when it suits your business. Maintain the legacy PBX systems and integrate with the latest VoIP systems so your business can maximise investment.

We are NOT tied to any manufacturer or provider and do not have to sell equipment to maintain partner agreements which allows true and unbiased advice to be given to match your business requirements.

Unbiased Telephony Consultants = migrate to VoIP, as and when it suits the business - Telephony Analysis = have a comprehensive review of your business telephony to LOWER THE Cost OF TELEPHONY - Migrate away from expensive manufacturers systems, contracts - Migrate away from expensive providers and legacy circuits - Network Optimization - Simulation Testing - Custom Wallboard Software - QoS - Contact Center - PCI Compliance Consultants - Design - VoIP Engineers - PBX Integration - Custom Trunks - Cisco - Digium - Asterisk - IVR Scripting - Call Center Design Consultants - CTI CRM Integration - Voice Recording - Cisco - Asterisk - Siemens - Avaya - Mitel - VoIP Network Design Consultants - Custom Training - SOHO Phone-Hub - Home Office and Smart Home Integration - Unbiased advice = no ties to single manufacturer or provider

Our Company

Originally the consulting association of Keith Campbell Communications Limited UK 1991 focassing on Cisco networking. Since 2000 the focus has changed toward telecommunications with clients in EU, UK, US, Central and South America. KCCVoIP now provides network and telephony analysis, design consultancy, procument review, implementation, simulation, diagnostics, operations hand-over, support and training.


Our Team

Consultants have many years of experience working for large corporations and telcos. They are certified on a wide variety of manufacturers' equipment to CCIE and dCAP levels or higher.

All consultants are ex-work colleagues with a known track record. We no longer use recruitment agencies as referrals are plentiful.

Team list has been removed due to hacker activity.

Current consultant locations ;

UK (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, London)

EU (Dublin, Amsterdam)

US (Florida, California)

Our Background

We have been very lucky to work with many partner companies. We continue to support our clients beyond the project design and implementation and have formed lasting partnerships with many.

We often work for service providers and outsourcing companies incognito - presenting a single image to the end clients.

Past clients have included ; DEC, UK NHS, Nissan, OMG, Komatsu. British Telecom, Axis Consulting, Bank of America, GGHB, Chiron Corp, Phillips Origin, GTE/Verizon, Alcatel-Lucent, Manx Telecom, T-Mobile, Video Networks/Tiscali TV, Clydesdale Bank, V-Ships, Walt Disney, Eircom, NSC Global, General Dynamics, GVSource, Accedo, System Dynamics, Providian Financial.....

VoIP Consultants - SIP Diagnostics - ISDN Replacement - Cisco - Digium - Asterisk - Avaya - Mitel - Kamailio - PSTN Switch Off - Number Porting - Skype Connect - PBX Integration - Custom Trunks - Technical Project Lead - Cisco - Digium - Asterisk - Siemens - Custom Interfacing - Remote Support - Cisco - Asterisk - Network Optimization - Simulation Testing - Custom Wallboard Software - QoS - Cisco - Digium - Asterisk - Contact Center Design - PBX Integration - Custom Trunks - Business Telephony - Telephone Systems - Cisco - Digium - Asterisk - IVR Scripting - Call Center Design Consultants - CTI CRM Integration - Voice Recording - Cisco - Asterisk - Siemens - Avaya - Mitel - VoIP Network Design Consultants - Custom Training


Projects over the last few years have included ;

VPN and Work from Home Solutions (facilities companies)

Multi-National Call Center Design (BPO company)

National Network Design (two data centers, eight sites, 2000+ users)

Enterprise Network Baseline & Tuning (data center, ten national sites, seven global sites)

National VoIP Toll By-Pass Design (four sites, 200+ users)

Mitel PBX Integration and Migration from ISDN PRI to SIP Trunks (four sites)

Avaya PBX Migration from ISDN to SIP and Migration to Asterisk Cluster (three sites)

Security Investigation and Tracking (leading to hacker employment termination)

>6,000 endpoint VoIP Upgrade & Migration (for multi-national company)

Call Center Designs (for major banks)

Network Simulation in Lab (for major telco prior to rollout)

Bespoke Training for Technical Staff (for major banks & telcos)

Call Center Designs & Optimization (US, India, Central & South America)

CTI/CRM Integration project (for large facilities management company)

VoIP Design and Legacy PBX integration (for major bank)

Multi-Site ISDN Migration to SIP

VoIP LCR and Dialplan Optimization

ISDN Replacement Projects

VoIP Procurment Evaluation

Multi-site Migration and Move to VCC